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Care Coordination

   Care Coordination at Parents’ Foundation is a critical component in our residents’ ability to achieve their goals. The work done between care coordinators and residents is ongoing, always evolving, and driven by three essential components: holistic planning, customized care, and a team approach. At Parents’ Foundation, we do not have standard care plans that we plug residents into. Every plan is designed around the unique needs of our residents, with a strength-based approach to goal setting.

Goal Planning

With that in mind, case management
includes the following:

  • Assessing resident needs 

  • Daily check-ins  

  • Coordinating and confirming appointments 

  • Transportation or transportation coordination assistance for outside appointments

  • Assistance with daily schedule planning 

  • Goal planning

Which is done through:

  • Supervision and one-to-one work with residents

  • 90-day plans created between the resident, care coordinator and other members of the care team 

  • Prompts and reminders, given by all staff, relating to goal-centered tasks. 

  • Written documentation of weekly and monthly goal progress 

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