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Clinical Support

Parents’ Foundation residents are best served when they have

the appropriate clinical supports in place. Medication management and compliance, routine health and wellness visits, and therapeutic supports set our residents up for success with achieving their goals and living healthy lives.

All residents are required to have a personal psychiatrist in place to manage medications and ensure that all appropriate treatment modalities are in place. In addition, we ask that residents have primary care physicians and a dentist in order to make sure all routine exams and diagnostic tests are done on an annual, or as-needed basis. If clinical support is not in place prior to admission, our staff will work to connect new residents to the medical and psychiatric specialists they need.

While Parents’ Foundation does not offer clinical treatment in house, psychoeducation programs have been developed and integrates dialectical behavioral and cognitive-behavioral practices. Parents’ Foundation also works in partnership with Quinnipiac University’s Department of Occupational Therapy to provide group programs and individual assessments for our residents. Ranked #17 out of over 100 occupational therapy programs in the nation, Parents’ Foundation is fortunate to offer the benefits of this teaching program to residents at all skill levels.

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