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Director of Admissions & Administration

Choices Counselor


(203) 776-3236



100 Broadway

New Haven, CT 06511

Kyleigh Marrero

A Bit About Kyleigh

Kyleigh graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2016 with a Major in Sociology and a double Minor in Criminology and Anthropology. She started her career working at a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program for children with behavioral challenges and mental health diagnosis. Kyleigh started at Parents’ Foundation in 2019 as a Case Manager, and she received her CHOICES Certification in Fall 2020 to ensure all PFTL residents have sufficient insurance and entitlements. She became passionate for the field after volunteering at a local psychiatric hospital; where she learned that labels and diagnosis do not define people, and everyone needs some sort of support in their life, which she takes pride in being a part of.

Kyleigh loves joining “stretch-a-word” groups with residents. She says it is fun to watch everyone get creative making as many words as they can from one simple phrase! Her favorite thing to do with residents is have one-to-one meetings and take walks with them. Kyleigh learns the most about them in those moments, and thinks it is amazing to hear everyone’s story and where they came from, and she has learned so much from each one of them!

“All of my proudest moments here are when I see residents succeed at something that they once doubted they could accomplish. I have had the pleasure of watching residents transition out into the community to live on their own, work or volunteer at their first jobs, succeed in shopping on their own or even learning and understanding their ADLs. One of the best moments here is when I had a resident take lead of a community service program in house. She ran a canned food drive for the holidays and was able to collect over 400 cans for a local church!”

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