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Independent Living Services

The Off-Broadway Program (Independent Living Support)

The Independent Living program, often referred to as Off-Broadway, is designed to help former residents transition out into the community with the support of an established safety net. The ongoing connection with our residents who transition locally gives them maximum assistance in order to successfully live independently. This familiar network allows residents and their families the chance to breathe easier during the discharge planning process and beyond. However, not everybody wants or needs the same services once they move to their new home, which is why we are happy to customize a program that works best for each individual.


Some of the services offered include:

  • Medication Monitoring

  • Care Coordination

  • Recovery and Enrichment Program

  • Leisure and entertainment activities, social programs

  • Assistance with applying for insurance/ entitlements

  • Two meals a day

  • Behavior and health monitoring- coordination with proper providers over concerns and changes

  • Assistance with referrals to community-based programs/ volunteer opportunities/ job opportunities

  • Assistance with discharge planning and coordination with necessary resources

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