Occupational Therapy

      The Occupational therapy program at PFTL was established in April, 2020, following successful internships with students from Quinnipiac’s (QU) Occupational therapy program. As PFTL worked with QU students, we recognized the critical need for OT to be an established service in house to best support the life skill building of residents, skills which are critical for transitioning to more independent living.

How It Works

The Occupational therapy process begins for each resident with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary assessment. OT works closely with case management and REP specialists as a team to observe and assess each resident in their typical environments over a two-week period. Examples of areas assessed include personal hygiene, room maintenance, skills related to food and nutrition, and community safety. After observation, the team comes together to discuss results, including performance skills in each area, in addition to resident routines, roles, and values that impact daily life. The team analyzes areas where each resident is succeeding, areas for improvement, and techniques to help each resident improve functioning in activities.

Resident performance on the OT assessment provides comprehensive results to identify the most important areas to be addressed in resident goals and care plans. OT works with the team to create unique interventions tailored to each resident to promote success, safety, and independence. Each team member assumes a role in care, based upon their areas of specialty, to create confidence, independence, and a high quality of life for residents.

OT has also had success working with the Recovery and Enrichment program for the planning and implementation of programming to promote independence, such as our successful 12 week cooking class to teach skills for handling food and preparing meals. OT continues to work with case management and REP programs to create house-wide programming to promote healthy living and independent life skills with community supports.

Techniques for educating residents, training in skills, providing guidance, and guiding through hands on assistance are skills taught to all staff members by OT. Together as a team, we strive to provide graded guidance to residents in a way that promotes learning and independence. OT techniques are used by all staff members as a basis for resident skill acquisition.