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Our Service Model

    Parents’ Foundation is split into two primary programs; the Residential Living Center (the Group Home) and the Supervised Apartment program. All residents begin living in our group home where we offer double and single rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor. As time progresses and residents work with their case managers, they can potentially plan to move into the Supervised Apartments. In the Supervised Apartment Program, we have one- and two-bedroom apartments each with a bathroom and a kitchen. Both programs have a laundry room, recreation room, and a communal kitchen/dining space where meals are served. Apartment residents can choose to cook for themselves in their apartment kitchens which offers a great opportunity for skill development. In both programs, medication is kept in locked medication rooms and all residents are monitored by our staff when taking their medication. This allows us to help residents adhere to the medication plan prescribed by their care providers. Residents are expected to maintain medication compliance; however, they are responsible for choosing to take their medication each day and are able to request as-needed medications when they feel it necessary.

    Our programs support growth and independence as our residents learn how to manage their mental health diagnoses. Parents’ Foundation is not a lock-in facility, which means residents are allowed to come and go from the house, provided they sign out with their case manager to let them know where they are going. We also allow and encourage our residents to find work or volunteer opportunities when they feel they are able to manage those responsibilities. Case managers work with residents to find suitable jobs and volunteer placements that align with their goals and treatment plan.

    When it comes to managing various community appointments, case managers take residents to their appointments when they are unable to go independently. As for having guests, family and friends are permitted to visit when approved by residents and coordinated with the case managers.

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