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Recovery & Enrichment Programs

   The Recovery and Enrichment Program (REP) at Parents’ Foundation is where everything comes together for our residents. Working in concert with the case managers and program directors, the REP staff creates opportunities and designs activities that will support the goal plans for each resident. These offerings go beyond social interaction for our residents. Under this vastly diverse umbrella, our team provides health and wellness activities, one-to-one coaching, activities of daily living skill development, and cognitive and dialectical behavioral skill-building and occupational therapy groups.

All staff members, regardless of their position, are required to lead or co-lead a group, event, or activity that brings together the community for dynamic growth and learning.

This integration weaves the team together in such a way that all residents can feel fully supported by more than their case manager.

A sample REP Calendar:

R & E Program Calendar 08.06_edited.jpg
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