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The Residential Living Center

The RLC (the Group Home)

The Residential Living Center is a group home setting for adults with mental health diagnoses such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorder.


When residents first join the Parents’ Foundation community, they are admitted to the Residential Living Center. For most new residents the primary focus is integration into the house, improving psychiatric stability and establishing a goal plan with the interdisciplinary team. Intensive support services in the Residential Living Center help residents focus on stabilization and recovery.

  • 24/7 staff support

  • Case management

  • Referral to & coordination with community treatment providers

  • Crisis prevention & management

  • Medication management

  • Nutritious Meals and Snacks 

  • Ongoing family communication

  • Goal Planning

  • Recovery and Enrichment Programming

  • Prompts and assistance with daily independent living activities

  • Assistance applying for insurance and entitlement applications

  • Advocacy at medical appointments

As in most group homes, the Residential Living Center has single and double bedrooms with shared baths, accommodating up to fifteen residents. The kitchen is the heart of our home, where delicious, nutritious meals are prepared and residents learn to cook. Adjacent to the kitchen is our beautiful historically detailed living room with a piano that is routinely played by residents. The recreation room is the hub of recovery and enrichment programs and a place where residents can watch tv, gather to play games and spend time together. The Residential Living Center is licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Mental Health Residential Living Center. Please visit our Contact Us page to request more information about our programs.

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