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Coordinator, Care Coordination


(203) 776-3236



100 Broadway

New Haven, CT 06511

Yvonne Elung

A Bit About Yvonne

Yvonne considers herself a “Jack of all trades” at Parents’ Foundation. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University and began her PFTL career in 2017. Yvonne started as Residential Staff then professionally progressed to a Recovery and Enrichment Specialist and then into her current role as Case Manager. She has enjoyed exploring all these different positions because she believes there is always something to learn from the population she serves. “c’est toujours les bon moment pour moi,” she says.

As a Recovery and Enrichment Specialist Yvonne had the opportunity to facilitate groups including some of her favorites: Culture Club, Music Request, and Exercise Group. During groups she was able to learn more about the residents and connect with them in a different way. Yvonne was able to bond with many residents at Culture Club and French Club because of her mutual passion of traveling and learning different languages. Her overall favorite activity has to be French Club, which she started here at Parents Foundation.

“My proudest moment was when I watched a resident graduate from my Alma mater (Go Owls!). Every day I am honored to work hands on with the residents in the Supervised Apartment Program to teach them apartment maintenance skills, such as, cooking, food safety and cleaning. I never thought watching someone make a grilled cheese would make me so proud!”

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