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Finding direction on the challenging path toward placing a loved one into residential care is something we are all too familiar with. So, take a deep breath and rest a bit easier because we will guide you through every step of the admissions process to make it as easy as possible. Admission to Parents’ Foundation is a simple process designed to gain a solid understanding of candidates for admission, their medical and psychiatric history, support system, goals, and daily needs. Creating an opportunity to achieve sustainable success for each resident is essential and hinges on multiple factors: from how the candidate will adapt to the house, engage with their peers, and our ability to provide all that is required to meet their particular needs.

Once the completed application packet is received, the admissions process then continues with a detailed team review of the candidate. For those applicants who we believe will be well served by Parents’ Foundation, individual interviews will be conducted, and then decisions made about admission.

The timing of the process largely depends on how quickly the full packet is completed and returned, and the availability of the candidate/guardian/conservator for follow up conversations, the receipt of any additional documentation, and finally the candidate interview. We have admitted new residents in as short as a month and as long as a year. Regardless, we always encourage people to get their admission packet in as soon as possible so a dialogue can begin.

We look forward to working with you and ask that you please

submit an inquiry to get the process started.

The staff members are kind, attentive, caring and encouraging. The groups have afforded an opportunity to learn, listen and speak on a variety of topics that are both familiar and new. In addition, there is a real sense of community within the house and an ease to transition into the community at large.

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