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Arts in Action

In Memory of Shauna Devlin

Shauna was a passionate lover of art, music, and theater. She ensured that her beloved residents at Parents' Foundation had every opportunity to discover the beauty art brings to life. She did this by bringing a Yale quartet at the holidays, launching and leading our incredibly popular acting group, guiding residents on museum trips all around the state, and taking people to the symphony and plays at the Shubert Theater. 

Shauna's love, passion and dedication to her work at Parents' Foundation for Transitional Living will never be forgotten. Her legacy lives on through the Shauna Devlin Arts in Action Memorial Fund. Her fund helps sponsor art programming for residents to attend cultural events and helped support the design of the in-house art center which Shauna helped create. 

Shauna Collage

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Shauna Devlin 

June 19, 1984- May 18, 2022

Shauna Devlin


"I will always remember our walks to rainbow garden. She told me stories without expecting anything in return. Shauna made me laugh, made me smile. I feel lost without her. Shauna is an angel up above. She would want us to live on. It is not easy, but surrounding ourselves with those who know her and loved her makes continuing on possible."

Arts In Action Art Show

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