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Establisted in 1992

PFTL photo black and white

Through the united efforts of families, adults struggling with mental illness, and mental health professionals, Parents Foundation was born. There was simply no residential organization that afforded the peace of mind they desperately desired. All that was available was institution living. Our founders set out to design a home alternative to an institutional existence; one that would provide a warm and supportive home in which residents could move toward greater independence, self-expression, and a happy, fulfilling life. 

 For some of our founding parents, who were forward-thinking about their own inevitable aging, they also sought the peace of mind that came from knowing their sons and daughters would have a permanent, caring, and supportive home for the duration of their adult lives. The professional founders, by contrast, well knew the essential need for ongoing supervision and monitoring required to maintain stability and dismantle the cycle of rehospitalization their patients endured. By eliminating the cycle of hospitalization, crisis intervention, and rehospitalization, and replacing it with a home environment rich with peer and professional supports, monitoring, goal planning, and encouragement to accomplish goals beyond stabilization, a new standard was set. Residents had a legitimate opportunity to live a full, happy, and productive life. Residents would, the founders concluded, gradually move through increasing levels of independence, with a comprehensive safety net providing specialized individual supports, essential for maintaining healthy, robust community living. And that is exactly what happened.

   The outcomes envisioned in 1992 are still being realized today as we move toward our 32nd year. Although our model has evolved with the needs of our residents, and in conjunction with the breakthroughs in mental health science, our mission remains. We continue to offer relief to families and hope to residents. It is a joy to continue cheering on those who have been with us since we opened our iconic doors at 100 Broadway and joyfully celebrate residents who move into their own apartments “Off-Broadway”. We look forward to having you join us for the next chapter in our story.

Parents Bring a Home for Adults with Mental Illness to Life

"Instead of the drab furniture typical of such places, this one will be filled with whimsical tables, chairs and dressers painted by artists from all over the state. Chairs that were once rusty and tired-looking are now fuchsia with orange swirls or light purple and covered in crushed potpourri spotted in black like a Dalmatian."

Founders started a furniture drive, where they asked for donated furniture, and for local community members to take the time to paint it. This is how Parents' Foundation was furnished. To this day we still have some of these amazing pieces on display and of use!

Painted furniture collage
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