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At Parents’ Foundation we love what we do.
And we’re doing it better than ever.

We are dedicated to sustaining an empowering environment for our staff to grow. That’s why we train every other week, in small groups, to learn about mental health diagnoses and medications and every week on teamwork, communication, and accountability.


We celebrate wins and pick each other up when we are down. On Thursdays, we go even further in group supervision, which helps us all process the ups and downs we face each day.

We believe everybody should be seen and their ideas listened to, on every shift, every day. That’s how we redesigned our medication rooms – by taking staff designs and building them.

We know the best environment is one filled with honesty, respect, and shared goals. Our Executive Director models the way and is always on call, listening to concerns, solving problems, and answering staff questions truthfully and without hesitation.

We realize life doesn’t stop when you get to work. Things happen and it’s hard to juggle it all, which is why the team is here to support staff when somebody isn’t on their A-game.

We love what we do and want you to do the same.

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