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Does your program accept insurance?

Parents' Foundation is private pay, with Residential Living Center fees ranging from $11,000-$15,000, depending on the type of room available. We do not get state or federal funds or insurance reimbursement, and we are not a Medicaid or Medicare provider.

How long are residents expected to stay?

In order to afford our residents, the best chance for success, we look for a commitment of at least six months; however, each resident stay varies based on needs, progress, and goals. Some residents stay for a year, and some have stayed with us for as long as thirty years. We are committed to working with our residents to follow a timeline that they are comfortable with and will provide them with the greatest opportunity to reach their goals.

Do you take residents from out of state?

Yes, we have residents from all over the country, and even from out of the country.

Are family and friends allowed to visit?

Yes, as long as the resident wants a visit, we ask for visits to be coordinated with Care Coordinators so it does not interfere with appointments or planned groups.

Do you provide detoxification oversight and support for active substance abuse?

No, in order to provide residents with the best chance for success when acclimating to a new home, we require all residents be sober for at least six months prior to moving in. We also require that residents maintain their sobriety while they are living here.

What rooming options are there at Parents' Foundation?

1. Residents in the Group Home will live in either a shared double, or a single room with shared bathrooms outside of their rooms.
2. Residents in the Supervised Apartment Program live in a two-bedroom apartment or studio style apartment with a shared bathroom and kitchen. The apartment program also has a communal kitchen where meals are serves should the resident choose not to cook in their apartment.
- Both in house programs have their own laundry areas.

Are meals included?

Three meals and two snacks a day are provided for each of our residents.  Residents with their own apartments can cook for themselves if they choose.

How do you monitor residents' progress?

Residents work with their Care Coordinators to create plans and make sure they are staying on track to achieve their goals. Whether it is learning to cook for themselves or pushing themselves to attend more groups and develop their social skills, all staff work together with residents to ensure their goal plans are followed.  Staff keep detailed progress notes for each resident so we can comprehensively track the growth and development.

How do you store, monitor and manage medication?

Each day, our direct care staff supervise residents while they take their medications. Residents and staff follow the schedule prescribed by each residents' care provider and are able to give residents as-needed medications at any point during the day. All medications are locked in a designated medication room on both the Group Home and Supervised Apartment sides to ensure the safety of our residents. Residents are expected to maintain medication compliance.

Are residents' allowed to leave the building?

Yes, we are not a lock-in facility- as long as they are able to keep themselves safe, residents are able to come and go. They sign out and tell staff where they are going typically for no more than four hours at a time. Some of our residents have jobs or volunteer regularly. Care Coordinators drive residents to and from appointments and our Program Specialist plans outings such as hikes or trips to stores and restaurants that residents are able to participate in.

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