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Residential Programs

PFTL Building Spring

Parents' Foundation is more than just a place to live. It is a community dedicated to supporting our residents' physical and mental health as they learn how to understand and live with their diagnoses. whether someone plans on staying with us for two years or twenty-five years, our primary goal is to support positive growth and development. Residents have the ability to transition to greater levels of independence and responsibility. Residents start at our Residential Living Center, which offers the highest level of supervision and support. As they progress, they have the option to move to supervised apartments within the residence. Some residents may then transition to their own apartments within the community and still receive support services. 

Supports we offer:

  • Medication Managment

  • Care Coordination: specializing in individualized care and goal planning.

  • Group Programs.

  • 24/7 staff in house.

  • Transitional Program Options.

  • In-House Cook.

  • On-Going family communication.

  • Prompts and assistance with daily independent living activities.

  • Assistance applying for insurance and entitlement applications.

  • Advocacy at medical appointments.


Residential Living Center (Group Home)

The Residential Living Center is licensed by the State of Connecticut as a mental Health Living Center. As in most group homes, the Residential Living Center has single and double bedrooms with shared baths, accommodating up to fifteen residents.


Supervised Apartment Program (SAP)

The Supervised Apartment Program has studio, two, and three-bedroom apartments with kitchens and full baths. Supervised Apartment residents have a choice of cooking their own meals or joining others in a community meal.


Independent Care (Off-Broadway)

The Independent Care Program, often referred to as Off-Broadway, is designed to help residents transition out into the community with the support of an established safety net. Residents live in their own chosen apartment out in the community. There are several beautiful apartment buildings on Howe Street.


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